Version 1.10

In this version, we

Version 1.9

In this version, we

Version 1.8

In this version, we

Version 1.7

In this update, we

We also restructured the examples to make it easier to work through them in sequence.

Version 1.6

This is a maintenance update. We

This version also contains a new example of SuperRectGrid.

Version 1.5

We updated the documentation, added a few new examples for rectangular grids, and fixed two bugs:

Version 1.4

We updated this guide, and re-organised the library slightly.

Version 1.3

This version contains mostly bugfixes and more examples. We

There are three new examples that show how colourings work, how to use Grids in 3D games, and how Grids handles a very large hex grid.

Version 1.2

In this version we start adding technology that makes it easier to build your own grids. We

There are also two new examples using the CairoGrids.

Version 1.1

This version contains mostly bug-fixes and a few small additions. We

There are also two new examples, and we improved some of the existing examples slightly.