Colors is a framework for generating coherent color palettes procedurally, using algorithms in code or a graph editor. It supports RGB, HSL and LAB color spaces. Includes rich parsing methods.

Provides a graph editor for editing procedural palettes. Supports many node types:

  • Fixed or random colors
  • Mix 2 colors
  • Mix 3 colors randomly
  • Make RGB, HSL, or LAB gradients
  • Random offset
  • Random walk from source color
  • Set hue, saturation, or lightness to fixed value or randomly
  • Sample an ellipse in the color space

For a full list, see Node Reference.

Provides color generation algorithms, including uniform random, random hue, value, or saturation, random from gradient, random mix of three colors, four-point harmony, random tints or shades, random sample from ellipse in the color space. See Algorithm Reference.

Gradient extensions methods:

  • Get Lerp Func
  • Sample evenly

Support for additional color models which includes interpolation, gradients, and conversion between models. 

  • LAB
  • HSL

Supports color parsing from strings:

  • Hexadecimal codes (with or without hash, with or without alpha, with or without half the digits).
  • Color names for Unity colors.
  • Grey color values (using bytes or floats, with or without alpha).
  • RGB and RGBA color values (using bytes or floats).
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