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This (free) extension library contains a few light-weight utility classes and convenient extension methods for some Unity classes.

The library contains:

  • A base class for creating Singletons from any MonoBehaviour.
  • A light-weight state machine class.
  • A monobehaviour class that defines generic methods for Instantiation.
  • A light-weight clock class that can be used to manage timed events.
  • A class for detecting when a value changed.
  • Classes that represent piece-wise linear curves, called response curves. Extensions provide response curves for float, Vector2, Vector3, Vector4, and Color.
  • Generators, useful building blocks for algorithms that should produce sequences of objects.
  • A PlayerPrefs alternative that, in addition to the methods of the standard PlayerPrefs, also defines methods for dealing with boolean types, and rays of int, float, string and bool.
  • A ObservedValue class for subscribing to changes to a variables value.
  • Extensions for transform that allows easy setting of components of position, scale and rotation separately.
  • Extensions for vectors to calculate the projection and rejection, and the vector perpendicular (2D).
  • Extensions for Colors to get lighter or darker colors, get a color with a given value, and get an opaque version of a given color.
  • A class in the same spirit as StateMachine for tracking states. It was originally designed to implement showing a loading graphic for asynchronous actions (such as making WWW calls) that happen in no particular order, and can overlap.

Knowledge Base

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We used these classes in all of our 30 Games from our 30 Games in 30 Days project.

Check out all the 30 games here.


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