Abstract Strategy  makes it easier to implement abstract strategy games such as Checkers, Reversi, Dots and many more.

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Takes care of the basics

The framework already has the basics that takes care of turn management, rule-enforcement and game-end conditions.

It also supports custom animations for moves.

Support features for AI

You can configure play strategies using behavior trees that can be configured using a node editor.

It is easy to extend and not limited by built-in rules.

Includes Grids Lite

Abstract Strategy includes Grids Lite, and is built on top of it, making it easy to write elegant algorithms and define rules concisely. There are more grids (including hex grids) coming soon!

Ships with Tic Tac Toe

The tool ships with an example of Tic Tac Toe, with complete AI set up as a behavior tree. There are more game examples (including Checkers, Reversi and Lines of Action) coming soon!

API documentation