The icons under each example shows with which licences of Grids the example works:

Light Grids Light

Basic Grids Basic

Pro Grids Pro

 Algorithms and Cells

 screen_1 pathfinding_header layered_grid customcells
Basic Pro Light Basic Pro Pro Basic Pro
Reflections on a Hex Grid A simple path-finding example A new look at layered grids: setting up neighbors Making custom cells and using scriptable objects to manage tile sets
 hexlines image_to_grid  FieldOfViewHeader Spiral Iteractor
 Basic Pro Basic Pro  Basic Pro Light Basic Pro
Calculating Lines on a Hex Grid Converting an Image to a Grid  Field of View Example  Using a Spiral Iterator
 Linked Grids Wrapped Hex Grid
 Basic Pro Basic Pro
Linked Grids  Wrapped Hexagon Grid

Grids with various GUI systems

 DaikonForgeLightsOut  2DToolkitHeader uGUIHeader
 Basic Pro Light Basic Pro  Basic Pro
Lights Out with DaikonForge GUI  Example with 2D Toolkit  Grids with uGUI

Meshes for grids using the editor

 Thumbnail1  Thumbnail2 Thumbnail3 Thumbnail4
  Pro Pro   Pro    Pro
Pointy Hex Grid on a Ring Pointy Hex Grid on a Sphere and Elipsoid  Pointy Hex Grid on a Torus  Pointy Hex Grid on a Mobius Strip
 Thumbnail5  Thumbnail6
  Pro Pro     
Pointy Hex Grid on a Hill Pointy Hex Grid in a Pointy Hex Shape

Advanced Techniques

hexmesh screen_4 normal_torus2 HexSphere 
  Basic Pro  Basic Pro  Light Basic Pro  Basic Pro
A Quick Hex Mesh Generation Script (with Proper Texturing) How to Render Only a Section of a Very Big Scrolling Grid How to Use a Rectangular Grid on the Inside of a Torus Tiling a Sphere with Hexes
 imagemap triangular_polar_grid  FacesEdgesVertices GridsOnMobiusBand
 Basic Pro Basic Pro  Pro Basic Pro
Mapping Images to Grids in the Editor A “triangular” polar pointy brick grid How to set up grids for faces, vertices and edges simultaneously  Grids on a Möbius Strip


matchgameheader  BlockSlider Game17 SpaceMaze
 Light Basic Pro Light Basic Pro  Light Basic Pro Light Basic Pro
 Match-game mechanics Block Slider (Game 22 from 30 Games in 30 Days) Coin Grabber (Game 17 from 30 Games in 30 Days) Space Maze (Game 16 from 30 Games in 30 Days)
 ArrowMaze TrianglePuzzleGame screen_0 screen_1
 Basic Pro Pro  Basic Pro  Basic Pro
Arrow Maze (Game 2 from 30 Games in 30 Days) Triangle Puzzle Game Hex Ludo (Game 3 from 30 Games in 30 Days) Monster Mansion (Game 4 from 30 Games in 30 Days).
screen_2 screen_4 screen_17 screen_23
 Pro Basic Pro Light Basic Pro Basic Pro
Cairo Match (Game 5 from 30 Games in 30 Days) Honeycomb (Game 21 from 30 Games in 30 Days) Stairway to Heaven (Game 24 from 30 Games in 30 Days) Triangle Sum (Game 25 from 30 Games in 30 Days) 

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