Colors for Unity is a plugin for working with colors in your games.


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HSL classes and algorithms

It contains an implementation of colors in the HSL color space, which includes color objects, HSL gradients, and interpolation in the HSL color space.


12 algorithms for generating colors

Colors contains algorithms for generating intelligent pallets. The range of algorithms is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • Triadic/diatric color harmony
  • Random mix (color mixing)
  • Gradient (3 modes including golden ratio)


  • Uniform randomness
  • Tint
  • Shades
  • Random offset
  • Random walk


  • Random hue
  • Random saturation
  • Random luminance
  • Random saturation and luminance




Node editing

Colors contains a powerful node-editor for building structured palettes that can be used to color your scene procedurally.


Using the node editor it’s possible to make palettes of conventional harmonies or more complicated pallets. Colors also ships with graphs for standard color harmonies. It gives you the power to generate color groups with relationships you define. Fine-tune coherence and contrast.


Ships with 6 examples

Colors includes examples to show how you can use the palettes to color your scene.

Whether it is to create varity in your Gui,


or to add subtle or extreme effects to environments.




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