30 games in 30 days using GameMaker

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One of our promises is that our tools – our Grids package – helps you to make games fast. We have designed it keeping in mind the things you will need when making a game. We played hundreds of games that use grids, analysed their mechanics, and worked out a uniform structure to make it easy to solve the type of programming problems you are likely to meet. We know games go through lots of iterations; we want to remove the tricky bits standing in the way.

But is this rapid development an empty promise?

To prove that it’s not, we made 30 small prototype games for Unity during the month of November 2013– one game a day. After porting Grids, we want to prove this promise for GameMaker too. So this month we’re making 30 games in 30 days using Grids for GameMaker. We’ve teamed up with the Microsoft AppFactory and Twoplus Games who will be making the games with us. We’ve got a big team of developers, all with different levels of skill and experience. So Grids will be put to the test, both for how fast you can make games but also for how easy it is. We expect a whole range of games during the project and are excited to see what each developer can come up with.

Again the games will be small and simple, but they will be able to be won or lost and we hope to take some of them further after the project. We will put each game on this page for you to play and we’ll write about them on our blog. Finally, we’ll be porting each game to Windows Phone 8 and we’ll announce their release in the store as soon as it happens.



Game 1

Game 1 is a version of the game Solitaire (or solo Noble), played on 13 different boards using a rect grid.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game01/index.html” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 1 HERE[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/06/day-1-game-1-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 1 HERE[/button]



Game 2

Game 2 is a version of the game flow played on a hex grid. The aim is connect each set of coloured dots by clicking on cells to create a path between them.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game02/game02_dots.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 2 HERE (3MB)[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/07/day-2-game-2-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 2 HERE[/button]



Game 3

Game 3 is called Laser Bomb and is played on a rect grid. The aim of the game is to fill more of the board than the AI by strategically placing laser bombs.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game03/Game03.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 3 HERE (3MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/08/day-3-game-3-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 3 HERE[/button]



Game 4

Game 4 is a version of the classic game Lights Out, with a couple of twists, including 3 cell states and neighbors with edges. We call it Power Out!

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game04/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 4 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/09/day-4-game-4-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 4 HERE[/button]



Game 5

Game 5 was based on the idea to do Pac Man on a hex grid. As you can sea, it grew into something slightly different

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game05/” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 5 HERE (4MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/10/day-5-game-5-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 4 HERE[/button]



Game 6

Game 6 is a simple match game on a rect grid. You click on creatures to rotate their neighbors, and match creatures in a 2×2 square.

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game06/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 6 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/11/day-6-game-6-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 6 HERE[/button]



Game 7

Game 7 is the first game to use a wrapped grid! Get your ship to Castle White and avoid the cannon balls shot by Castle Black.

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game07/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 7 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/12/day-7-game-7-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 7 HERE[/button]



Game 8

Game 8, or Temple Escape, is a maze like game where the walls of the temple change with every move, and your way out is hidden until you get close to it. And oh yes, rooms are going up in flames!

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game08/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 8 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/13/day-8-game-8-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 8 HERE[/button]



Game 9

Game 9 is Bug Wars! Survive an attack from the evil bugs while trying to collect powerups to increase your chances of survival. Watch out for the powerdowns, they will surely be your doom!

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game09/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 9 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/14/day-9-game-9-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 9 HERE[/button]



Game 10

Game 10 is a simple memory game on a rect grid. Find the cheeses or die trying!

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game10/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 10 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/15/day-10-game-10-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 10 HERE[/button]



Game 11

Game 11 is called Add Down. It’s a matching game where you add blocks of numbers together. To clear numbers you need to (horizonatally or vertically) mimic a 3 digit number above the grid.

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game11/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 11 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/16/day-11-game-11-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 11 HERE[/button]



Game 12

Game 12, or Fruit Harvest has a simple goal: harvest the fruit before they hit the ground. Look out for golden fruit and watch out for rotten fruit!

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game12/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 12 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/17/day-12-game-12-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 12 HERE[/button]



Game 13

Game 13 begun as a desire to use Conway’s Game of Life in an interesting way. And so, Convader was born.

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game13/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 13 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/18/day-13-game-13-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 13 HERE[/button]



Game 14

Game 14 is a racing game where instead of controlling your car, you control the environment. Create a safe path for your rally driver!

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game14/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 14 HERE [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/19/day-14-game-14-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 14 HERE[/button]



Game 15

Game 15, or Cave Lander, requires you to fly a spaceship through a cave, refuelling on the way and trying not to critically damage your armor.

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game15/Executable.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 15 HERE (4MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/20/day-15-game-15-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 15 HERE[/button]



Game 16

Game 16, or Purple, is a sliding puzzle game where the aim is to get down to one purple tile, by blending blue, red and purple tiles.

[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game16/Game16.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 16 HERE (4MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/21/day-16-game-16-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 16 HERE[/button]




Game 17

Game 17, or Tetrifender, is an action puzzle game using tetrominos! Tower defence meets Tetris in a game where you must protect your fort and sink your enemies!

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game17/Game17.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 17 HERE (5MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/22/day-17-game-17-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 17 HERE[/button]



Game 18

Game 18, or Flipex, is a version of the game Fault, played on a Hex grid. How many matches can you make before getting trapped?

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game18/Game18.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 18 HERE (5MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/23/day-18-game-18-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 18 HERE[/button]



Game 19

Game 19, or Triangles, is a puzzle game on a hex grid where the name says it all; make more triangles than the AI!

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game19/Game19.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 19 HERE (5MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/24/day-19-game-19-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 19 HERE[/button]


Game20IconGame 20

Game 20, Hexavity, is an match-game where you control the direction of gravity. How many cells can you remove?

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game20/Game20.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 20 HERE (5MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/25/day-20-game-20-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 20 HERE[/button]



Game 21

In this game, Pixel Perfect, you have to add blocks and match arbitrary shapes to clear them.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game21/Game21.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 21 HERE (5MB) [/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/26/day-21-game-21-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 21 HERE[/button]


Game22_IconGame 22

In this simple game, you have to try to make the longest possible path by repeating a given pattern.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game22/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 22[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/28/day-22-game-22-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 22 HERE[/button]




Game 23

Game 23 is a matching game where cells continuously die around you. The aim is to match them before they do.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game23/Game23.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 23 (5mb)[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/29/day-23-game-23-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 23 HERE[/button]



Game 24

In Bee Zapper you have to zap all the bees and none of the ladybirds.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game24/Game24.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 24 (5mb)[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/30/day-24-game-24-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 24 HERE[/button]



Game 25

In Temple Escape 2 you need to find a path from show to key by rotating the triangles.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game25/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 25[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/31/day-25-game-25-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 25 HERE[/button]



Game 26

Get to the goal before hitting a wall. Change your vertical direction with <SPACE>, and your horizontal direction with <CTRL>. Collect all the jewels for extra score.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game26/Game26.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 26[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/10/31/day-26-game-26-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 26 HERE[/button]



Game 27

In Connect you need to connect the top-left with the bottom right..

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game27/” size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 27[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/11/01/day-27-game-27-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 27 HERE[/button]



Game 28

On this game, you have to make all the cells blue by toggling rows and sectors.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game28/Game28.zip” size=”medium”]DOWNLOAD GAME 28[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/11/01/day-28-game-28-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 28 HERE[/button]



Game 29

Game 29 is a spin on a Rubik’s Cube, but played on a 2D square. We call is Rubik’s Quared.

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game29″ size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 29[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/11/04/day-29-game-29-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 29 HERE[/button]



Game 30

Game 30, or Hex Raid, is played on a hex grid with clever tile design to simulate isometric art. Collect the coins and shift the cubes!

[button url=”http://www.gamelogic.co.za/examples/30-games-in-30-days-for-gamemaker/Game30″ size=”medium”]PLAY GAME 30[/button]
[button url=”https://gamelogic.co.za/2014/11/04/day-30-game-30-30-games-in-30-days-using-grids-for-gamemaker/” size=”medium”]FIND OUT MORE ABOUT GAME 30 HERE[/button]


Click here to find out more about Grids



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