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Includes Grids Lite and works with Grids Basic and Grids Pro.

  • Arrange a list of letters in a 2D grid, and fill the remainder of the grid from a generator. Find all words in a 2D grid.
  • Make word games on rect and diamond grids.
  • Use with Grids Basic and Grids Pro to make games on hex grids, tri grids and more.
  • Download the package for the below example here.

String algorithms

  • Calculate distance metrics between words (Levenstein distance, Hamming distance).
  • Shuffle words to ensure a certain minimum distance between the original and shuffled version.
  • Find all words that can be made from a subset of a given set of letters: [abct -> bat, cat, tab, etc.]
  • Find all sub words in a word [sink > sin, in, ink].

Letter generator algorithms

  • Generate letters at language dependent frequencies.
  • Build your own generators to implement the rules for your game.
  • Implement letters with more than one character such as Qu.

Dictionary searching

  • Search dictionaries efficiently to words, word patterns, anagrams, subsequence and more.

API documentation