We make tools that allow you to implement your games faster!

This month we’re making 30 games in 30 days using GameMaker to show that when we say rapid development, it is not en empty promise. See 30 Games in 30 Days using GameMaker to find out more about this project and to play the games.

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Grids for Unity

Grids is a plugin for Unity Game Engine that allows you to build games with 21 types of grids, including rectangular, hexagonal, triangular, rhombille, Cairo pentagon and polar grids.


Extensions for Unity

This free extension library contains a few light-weight utility classes and convenient extension methods for some Unity classes, such as Transform and MonoBehaviour.


Grids for GameMaker

Grids is a GML script library for GameMaker that allows you to build games with various types of grids, including hexagonal (pointy and flat), rectangular and diamond grids.


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